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Planetary Astronomer

Dr. Franck Marchis, renowned for discovering the first triple-asteroid system and direct imaging of a Jupiter-like exoplanet, is a senior astronomer at SETI and CSO of Unistellar. His contributions span over 400 publications and the founding of Dope Space, earning him a California Academy of Sciences fellowship.


Geoscience Professor & Astronaut

Sian Hayley Proctor is a geology professor, pilot, and spaceflight participant, known for her role in the Inspiration 4 Space Mission in 2021 to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. With degrees in Environmental Science and Geology, and a PhD in Science Education from Arizona State University, Proctor has made significant contributions to science education and exploration.

A finalist in the 2009 NASA Astronaut Selection Process, she has appeared on science TV programs, earned her pilot's license, and participated in analog space missions to simulate life in outer space. Proctor is also an international motivational speaker, inspiring others in STEM fields.


Brilliant Labs Founder

Jeff Willson is an educator, a maker, and a lifelong learner. As Executive Director of Brilliant Labs, a not-for-profit technology and experiential learning platform based in Atlantic Canada.

He promotes STEAM and Maker education by supporting students and educators throughout the Maritime provinces with project-based learning and developing Makerspaces for K-12 schools. He believes in collective impact, learning by doing, and finding innovative ways of integrating hands-on technology within classrooms and curriculum.


Planetary Scientist

Dr. Trudi Hoogenboom, a Planetary Scientist with a Ph.D. in Geophysics, has contributed significantly to space exploration and education. Her extensive background includes research at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and teaching at Ad Astra/Astra Nova, a school co-founded by Elon Musk.

There, she empowers students globally to engage in cutting-edge space research, such as asteroid discovery, AI-based lunar crater detection, and Martian glacier mapping. Her team's discoveries of previously unidentified asteroids have earned them recognition and naming rights from NASA's Minor Planet Center.


Former NASA Director

Dr. Jim Green's career at NASA began in 1980, where he significantly contributed to space physics, including developing the Space Physics Analysis Network at Marshall Space Flight Center. Leading the National Space Science Data Center and other key roles at Goddard Space Flight Center, he contributed to the IMAGE mission and authored numerous scientific and technical articles.

As Director of the Planetary Science Division since 2006, Green oversaw the launch and success of several major missions, such as New Horizons to Pluto and the Mars Science Laboratory with the Curiosity rover.


Founder, ARES Learning

Dr. Mark Wagner is co-founder of ARES Learning, a public benefit corporation dedicated to preparing students for humanity’s future in space. He serves as the Director of Education Partnerships at the Aldrin Family Foundation, which is focused on inspiring the next generation of space explorers, and in a similar role with Slooh, which provides a platform for students to schedule time on telescopes around the world. He is the author of Space Education: Preparing Students for Humanity’s Multi-Planet Future (2022), exploring the opportunities on Earth and possibilities for teaching students on the Moon, on Mars, and in deep space habitats.


Chief Strategy Officer Launchpad23

Diane Ward is an innovation educator specializing in emerging technologies. She directs teacher training for the WNY Invention Convention, chairs several educational conferences, and teaches STEAM in various programs. Ward authored a textbook on RFID and mentors students at the University of Buffalo’s Launchpad startup center. As Chief Strategy Officer at Launchpad23, she fosters students' critical thinking skills and enjoys guiding them through STEAM challenges.


Reybotics Founder

Heriberto Reynoso, CEO of Reybotics, transformed his teenage hobby of building robots into a career that led him to innovate at NASA, where he worked on projects like PhoneSat and the Mars Perseverance Rover.

Recognized as a distinguished alumni by UTRGV in 2016, Reynoso founded Reybotics in Mercedes, Texas, to inspire young minds through STEM, notably with his acclaimed "Mission to Mars" educational initiative, blending his expertise in space exploration with a passion for teaching.


Astrobiologist PhD Student

Alyssa Carson, an astrobiology student aiming to become an astronaut for Mars missions, has been recognized as an unofficial astronaut-in-training since her participation in the 2013 NASA MER 10 panel.

Gaining media attention and receiving applied astronautics certification at 17, Carson is active in promoting STEM for girls and women. In 2022, she was chosen as one of five global influencers by NATO and became the youngest full member of The Explorers Club, highlighting her influence and dedication to space exploration and gender equality in STEM.


Planetary Geologist

With a PhD in planetary geology, Kirby Runyon is known for his research on planetary surfaces and his dedication to public science education.

His work extends beyond academia into engaging the public with space science, leading exploratory groups, participating in space podcasts, and conducting tours at the Kennedy Space Center. Runyon's enthusiasm and ability to make space science relatable have made him a prominent figure in fostering an "Outer Space Lifestyle" and inspiring space curiosity among all ages.